HT-XT-K01 - Timing retard eliminator HealTech X-TRE Power Box Kawasaki

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Timing retard eliminator HealTech X-TRE Power Box Kawasaki ZX-10R / ZX-6R
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The X-TRE control unit is designed for Japanese motorcycles that are originally equipped with the inserted brand indicator. X-TRE is an advanced "Timing Retard Eliminator" that eliminates the restrictions imposed by houses in some motorcycle marches. The characteristic of the new XTRE is the maintenance of the function of the original gear indicator of the bike. This is possible thanks to a processor that encodes / decodes the signal sent by the control unit into the instrumentation in real time. This function is unique, as all other devices on the market today disable the function of the original gear indicator.

The X-TRE device improves the engine response, torque and acceleration in partial loads usually in gears from 1 ^ to 3 ^, and excludes the maximum speed limitation / 6th gear limiter on bikes with 1,000cc and beyond (GSX-R 1000, GSX-R 1300 Hayabusa, B-King). The device is automatically excluded once the neutral is inserted so as not to affect the idle speed.

Just like the GiPro / ATRE, also the X-TRE device is supplied with the possibility of the user to choose the gear / map offering the same benefits, but from now with X-TRE there is no longer the need to install a count display. additional gear if the bike is already equipped. For motorcycles that do not have an original gear counter, the GiPro / ATRE is still the best solution on the market today.

Another function is the possibility to easily check the gear / map set. The device is installed under the fuel tank, not visible, and thanks to the buttonless design allows easy adjustment and / or control of the settings while comfortably seated on the motorcycle.

X-TRE works perfectly with or without other electronic devices like the Power Commander or the Speedohealer.

The small device is installed in about 25 minutes on most bikes using original connectors, only one wire needs to be cut for installation. The package includes high-quality quick-sealing gel connectors that allow a simple and secure connection without having to weld the wires.

Frequent questions:

  • Can X-TRE work together with the Speedohealer device?
    Of course, both units will work perfectly.

  • I installed a Dynojet Power Commander, are there reasons to install an X-TRE?
    YES, the benefits are: - The Power Commander can vary the map based on a single gear. The X-TRE device is implemented on the Power Commander because it sets the map of the original control unit on the map without restrictions, regardless of which gear is selected. - The Power Commander can change the petrol map, while the X-TRE device disables the advance restrictions in low gears. - The X-TRE device disables the speed limitation (and sixth limiter) on the Suzuki 1000cc and above, the Power Commander can map the extended function.

  • Do I need to re-map the Power Commander after installing the X-TRE device?
    No, the PCIII is normally mapped in 4th gear, where the X-TRE device has no particular effects.

  • Together with the Power Commander I have also installed the Advance Change Module, can I still use the X-TRE device?
    YES, the X-TRE device does not alter the advance curve, but simply forces the original unit to use the best advance map in all gears.

  • Do I have to do something with the X-TRE device if I disconnect or replace the battery from the bike?

  • How can I set the X-TRE device if it is without buttons?
    Since the X-TRE device is installed under the tank it is therefore not easy to access, a control interface has been designed so that it is possible to check or program the TRE modes set while remaining comfortably seated on the bike. It will be necessary to follow a simple sequence and use the gear lever, the ignition key and the RUN / OFF switch of the bike. The system also works in the presence of an electronic change device. There will be a visual confirmation of the mode selected through the original gear count indicator. Furthermore, the X-TRE device is equipped with a LED status indicator which, in the event of problems, is very useful for identifying which wire has little contact.

Compatible motorcycles

  • KAWASAKI ZX-10R (08-08)
  • KAWASAKI ZX-10R (09-09)
  • KAWASAKI ZX-10R (10-10)
  • KAWASAKI ZX-6R (07-08)
  • KAWASAKI ZX-6R (11-12)
  • KAWASAKI ZX-6R (09-10)
  • More Information
    Bike - Brand Kawasaki
    Bike - Type Road
    Bike - Model ZX-10R, ZX-6R /RR/636
    Bike - Year 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012
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